47 in the game

about the project 47
"47 in the Game" is a football club for people with Down syndrome from St. Petersburg. The mission of the project is to use football as a tool for forming the correct perception of people with special needs by society.
about the project 47
about the project 47
“47 in the game” proves that an independent project with the right positioning and approach can change society's perception of people with special needs in general.
The usual feelings of pity and sympathy that arise at the sight of problems will be replaced by admiration and a desire to be involved in the project, since we show everything as it is and are absolutely honest with the viewer.
Together with the team from St. Petersburg 47 in the game, we created not a simple T-shirt.

Its design is timed to coincide with March 21, the International Day of people with Down syndrome.

At the production stage, we "knocked down" the patterns of a simple T-shirt. This symbolizes the DNA code of people with Down syndrome that has been knocked down since birth. This simple detail, the extra forty-seventh chromosome, makes an ordinary person unique.
These things are a way to tell about the people who are part of our game.
The profit from the project will go to the development of the football club 47 in the game
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