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Mini-football season 2020-2021

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We are an association of creative people who love football in any of its manifestations, play it and are professionals in this field. Our team includes professional coaches, managers in the field of football, talented players who have, among other things, a professional past and creative people who are ready to develop our project and make it better every day. The Amkal project is watched by millions of people in our country, why not do something similar, only in women's football?


1) Make women's football popular, create a kind of brand out of it. What they will talk about, what they will watch and what they will love.
2) Create a media project, which has no analogue yet on Russian YouTube.
3) Develop the team and get into the elite of women's football – The Russian Championship among women's clubs of the Highest League.


1) Create ideal (or close to it) conditions in the team for the development of players both in the game plan and their personal growth.
2) Creating a friendly, but at the same time, competitive atmosphere for team building and teamwork to achieve sports goals.
3) Create a high-quality training process under the guidance of professional football coaches.
4) Achieving high results both in competitions and in the development of individual qualities of players.
5) Constant media coverage of all processes taking place in the club by creating and publishing unique content on the platforms "YouTube", "Instagram", "Vkontakte".
6) Search for sponsors and like-minded people for the development of the project, its media coverage.
7) The club's self-sufficiency is achieved through sponsors, partners and monetization of social networks.


1) The team creates conditions for the development of players.
- Agreement with Nike on the team's equipment
- Providing players with water during training and games, as well as sports nutrition before, during and after games.
- Creating a favorable atmosphere for the development of players.
- In the future, possible financial incentives for players (the decision will be made after the club reaches self-sufficiency)
- If there are certain agreements on the account of training fields.
2) A professional coaching staff came to the team. The coaches have extensive experience in both women's football, children's and men's football. The coaches have a sports higher education, RFU licenses and many international internships. Due to this, a high-quality training process will be provided.
3) Materials are being prepared for the first series of the project. The situation is complicated by isolation, but we are still trying to make the most of it.
4) There are amateur operators who are interested in the project, and they are ready to participate in it for the sake of the idea, as well as a person who can do the installation without complex graphics.
5) The club has already got fans and fans due to the fact that many girls are already popular on social networks.


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Training with Amkar and Stas players Is Just Great

One of the very first training sessions


крупнейшая сеть спортивных площадок Москвы
Football club


Sergey Greshnov,
Head Coach → +7 (999) 807 87 53
George Nurov,
head → + 7 (963) 993 55 45
Daniil Chalov,
head → + 7 (916) 349 17 12



In February 2020, after a large number of requests, we decided to create a team of our own from our followers. Through the selection process, which took place in 2 stages, we identified those who are most suitable for us. The team was headed by Sergey Greshnov, the head of our women's team.
The main task of the project is to bring those who are close to our ideology closer to professional football and the football media community. The team trains 1 time a week, performs in amateur football leagues and takes part in our events and media friendly games.


A team of subscribers from Yaroslavl was organized with our support. It performs in our form and continues to develop the values of an open and entourage football association in the region. On April 25, the FKP Nothing Ordinary held a match with Amkar at the central stadium of the city of Yaroslavl.
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