You can look at the new form of F. C. Gorky and Nothing Ordinary from two sides - and each will be important. This form is the little that we can give to the city of Kursk in return for the stories that it continues to keep, resisting the accelerated time. We initially sided with this resistance-in the very name of our club. Gorky Street strands small streets of the historical heart of the city; houses, plots and views, without which it is impossible to imagine Kursk as a whole.
A long white arrow running through the entire pattern is Gorky Street, and the club logo fits exactly in the place on the map where house No. 9 stands. The tower that crowns this house became the main element of our logo three years ago.
ничего обычного, форма фк горький курск, желтая футбольная форма, экологика,
On the front side of the form, we placed the quarter removed from the drone.
But there is also a downside to resistance: if it continues, then the initial position in the struggle looks like a losing one.
ничего обычного, форма фк горький курск, желтая футбольная форма, экологика,
On the back, we abandoned the names of the players - in their place are the names of the streets of the historical quarter, which together with the number give the exact address of the aesthetically beautiful building of Kursk. And since the struggle for history continues with great losses, we drew attention to this in a special font with the effect of destruction - for those houses that need reconstruction and repair.
Our situation is not unique. The problem of preserving valuable architecture is facing cities all over Russia - we are losing a memory card in the stone of our cities.
The back of Gorky's new form is universal: along with the house number, you can write the name of the street of your city to make up the exact address of a house that is under threat of imminent destruction - or just so beautiful that you don't understand how the rest of the townspeople don't notice it.
The form of amateurs from Kursk-a guide to the city: instead of surnames and game numbers – historical addresses
Excursion from F. K. "Gorky".
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