The CLASSIC collection is the thoughts and images of every football player in Russia that he experiences throughout his career.
They are expressed in ten phrases and conveyed in a simple and understandable way.


The collection caused a stormy reaction among the entire football community and was supported by football players from all Russian leagues from amateur to the Premier League and the Russian national team.
As part of the collection, we have released several animations to show our ideas more clearly.
Good coaches who want a real, interesting game say: "Guys, try it, otherwise it won't work." Yes, this is the first thing you need to be in the game – just Try. Discard doubts and fears, because they are illusory, they do not exist in reality.

There is only you. There are your wishes.

Do not be afraid. Try it.
The world is changing.

In the new world, there will be no need to divide and rule.

And it's time to start looking honestly into each other's eyes.

You have a choice, choose the path of one-time benefits or build your future, where there is a real fair play and we do things ourselves.
By expirience
You know, as they say, "Everything is in the piggy bank": Your every action, every new day. Another training session, another game, another city. New people. Everything you do today creates you for tomorrow. Accumulate, collect and fill yourself.

Everything is learned by experience. Fit in and be.
Gave. It opened.
From an early age, at our first training sessions, we began to understand: We play better, Giving ourselves completely. And, Giving, you definitely need to Open up. After all, by opening up, we give the future the opportunity to develop the way we want. Thus, we change the situation on the field and go to new victories.
Do you want.You will.
Since childhood, we have been taught one truth: "Those who have a real desire achieve a lot." Wherever you are: in whatever country, conditions, situation, circumstances. If you want something (point A), coupled with action and faith, life will sooner or later lead you to point B.

You Will, if you really Want To.
The entourage Is Present
Gray passers - by, weekdays and weekends. These concepts are alien to us. Every day is like a day off: every day we are in the game, we smile, we are Alive. And we are interested, because the Entourage must be present to give our life colors. To do something new, you need to take risks, laugh at yourself and together with each other.

Nothing Ordinary, friends.
Fatigue is an illusion
Work to the limit of your abilities. This is the only way we will do something that no one has done before us. Look for inspiration where no one is looking. Do not build illusions, because they have no weight. There is only Us...

And our work is victory songs.
Without needs, other pity.
News is wandering around the area.
The illusory nature of our fatigue.
#one percent of the time
In Touch
We don't talk to the boys: "Goodbye," we say: "In touch". After all, our team is more than it seems. Our network of connections covers everyone who is in the topic. And there are more and more people in the topic now. We know what we want, and we are going to it together.
We Will Call You Back
The stories of champions say: "There are no identical paths." We are all Individual. We know this and appreciate it. This is our advantage. Therefore, we are not afraid of empty promises and are no longer upset by refusals. After all, everyone has their own way. And this is the value of the path: if one door closes, we do not wait, but go our own way to our dreams.
Do Things
And remember, we will stay in this game
And we will write it from the inside.
Let it be when we finally get old,
They will come to our rebuilt castle.

And everyone will be there, open-minded
On the field, play for each other,
Without fear of telling everyone: "I am different",
Without the meaning of a vicious circle.

And time in cooperation with the work of the soul
He will create this dream; I believe it is prophetic.
People who defeated soulless machines,
Who Do Things.
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