FC "Kaluga" and the creative association "Nothing Ordinary" have prepared a project about space "Get off the Earth". Through the football space, he will open the way to science.
Kaluga is called the cradle of cosmonautics: the planetary famous scientist, founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky spent most of his life there.
The media team of the local football club "Kaluga", consisting of two people, together with the creative association "Nothing ordinary" present the project "Get off the Earth", linking football, space and Tsiolkovsky.
21 may – presentation of a specially designed "space" form of FC Kaluga and the Kaluga match in a new form;
22 may – football and space evening in MAI;
23 may – presentation of the project "Get off the Ground" and a meeting with fans at the Tsiolkovsky Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga.
27 may – excursion to the Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow together with the "Nothing Ordinary"
"At the heart of football and the conquest of space is unification." "Kaluga" from the PFL made a form with stars, the sky and the silhouette of Tsiolkovsky
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