Football is for everyone. What does it mean to be a football player in the modern world?

The creative association "Nothing Ordinary" presents the third full-fledged collection "[Field] flower".
"[Field] flower" is clothing in non-existent poisonous flowers.
Our goal is to get rid of the stereotypical image of women in football and provide support to football players.
With us – Maria Komandnaya, Anastasia Pustovoitova, Svetlana Dumich and many others.

[Field] flower. What meaning did we put in it?

A field, or wild flower is born in the wild and was not planted intentionally. This is not a hybrid, and not a selected variety that can grow in the wild, but a plant that is just beginning to bloom.
In the natural environment, wildflowers create picturesque compositions, and the variety of plants, shapes and aromas is impressive and fascinating. In our collection, the flowers are made in unnatural, non-existent poisonous flowers – this is a symbol of the fact that women do not want to be "flowers". And also, what we see is not always true in reality. Everyone wants to be special and express themselves in their own way.
Being a football player means not being afraid to resist outdated meanings and show the world your real self, proving daily that sport is not tied to gender. Girls can decide for themselves who they should be and what to do. Choice is the power of the XXI century.
The pun with the word "FIELD" highlighted in the name refers to a football field.
In English, the collection is called FIELD FLOWER instead of WILD FLOWER. With a reference to the same football field (field).

Women's football in Russia. What is his problem?

Sponsors openly say that it is unprofitable and uninteresting for them to invest in the development of women's football. And they prefer our other activities and projects to women's football.
Using our own example, we understand that women's football is watched worse than men's: for a year now, there has been a women's team in our association that has its own YouTube channel. We are trying to develop it, and despite the regular releases and impressive results of the team, we do not see a large-scale response.
And when playing with men, women often face skepticism. They may be looked at askance or laugh at the reception and coordination of movements.
A similar attitude to women's football is noticeable, for example, at the level of refereeing. During men's matches, a female referee in Russia has greater difficulties than a girl in Europe, because our team initially lacks authority, simply because she, not a man, judges men. And it is necessary to earn this authority only by objective and fair judging.
Because of this attitude, many people do not see the beauty that girls can give on the football field, the intensity of their off-scale struggle.
We are sure that women's football is not only beautiful, but also emotional – just like men's. Women are lively and persistent, and they have no less energy and confidence than the opposite sex. And we hope that over time people will come to understand that girls can also play beautifully.

Everything is moving in this direction: more attention has been paid to women's football; football schools are opening places for girls; clubs are organizing professional women's teams.

In "Nothing Ordinary", we also believe that we should continue doing what we love. Regardless of gender, age, or anything else. But, unfortunately, the topic of sexism and prejudice against football players in Russia has existed for a long time and comes from our mentality: that men are not ready to compete with women. However, if a person is a good specialist, then he will succeed, regardless of gender.
We need to attract more women to football – then the players will know them by sight, and the fans will perceive them exclusively as professionals.

Football should unite!

There is a lot of prejudice around women in football. They constantly have to prove something, and their daily work results in constant stress. The main thing is to develop immunity and not give up. In any (and especially football profession) there is a place for everyone. Moreover, women's football is a new sport and is only developing.
[Field for everyone] is one of the main mottos of our collection. It implies that the football field is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender.
In the command "Nothing Ordinary" there is no place for the phrase "You're a girl". Everyone is comfortable playing together.
To get rid of the concept of "football is a men's sport", it is necessary to remove discrimination, and to combine the concepts of male and female together.
All football players say that football unites nations, but it is also necessary to unite gender. We believe that in the near future, the attitude towards football players in Russia will change. And they dedicated their collection to this.

The FIFA referee, the host of the 2018 World Cup draw and the champion of Russia are already with us!

The ambassadors of our collection are: journalists Yulia Maslachenko and Maria Komandnaya; the winner of the show "Patsanki" and goalkeeper of FC"Nothing Ordinary" Anastasia Petrova; three-time winner of the Russian Mini-football Championship Olga Tigina; FIFA referees Anastasia Pustovoitova and Sabina Valeeva; lawyer-agent Darina Nikitina; ambassador of EURO 2020, captain of FC "Nothing Ordinary" Svetlana Dumich.