On October 4,2020, the football club "Vitebsk" played for the first time in a new sports uniform, the design of which was developed in the style of the ideas of Suprematism and the artists of the Vitebsk school. The collaboration of sports and art is dedicated to three important anniversaries of 2020: the 100th anniversary of the art association UNOVIS, the 60th anniversary of the Vitebsk football club and the 130th anniversary of the outstanding artist and architect El Lissitzky, who was part of UNOVIS in Vitebsk. The unique project, which has no analogues in the world, became possible thanks to the partnership between the Center for Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage and the company "Nothing Usual" with the support of the Museum of History of VNHU and the football club "Vitebsk". The kits were donated to the club.
The set is an adaptation and artistic rethinking of the famous work of El Lissitzky "Hit the Whites with a Red Wedge!", First published in 1920 in Vitebsk. The most famous version of this work is on a black background, this is how the goalkeeping uniform looks like. The first version of this work was in blue, and this color was determined for the uniforms of the rest of the team's players and echoes the corporate color of the club.


As part of the project, a hoodie
"Football Player 1922"
was released with a picture of the same name by El Lisitsky.
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